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Cloud Services

Our Proprietary System provides client 3 of the most effective arbitraging models in various industries

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MyAQUA™ is an advanced state of the art arbitrage system with well over 30,000 users daily. The arbitrage is performed on user’s public exchange account, i.e. Binance, without the need of accessing the user’s account. No username, no passwords. With just a simple step of utilizing API keys, cyber and fund risks are brought to a minimum. MyAQUA™ gained prominence since the launch in fall of 2019 and expected to dominate headlines in the financial industry in the coming years.

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Cloud HSM

Sometimes operating an HSM by yourself can be complicated and tedious. We offer bespoke HSM services to our clients based on their requirements.


You can generate encryption keys and utilize them or store them securely without then need of hardware setup and maintenance. Save time and effort on these and leave them to the experts, while you focus on your business.


Setup time is simple and quick!

Stock Exchange

Collective Cloud Staking

Cryptocurrency mining used to be a very popular sector in the blockchain sector. However, this has become a thing of the past. Proof-of-Work (PoW) mining is believed to be detrimental to the environment because of its high-power consumption nature.

Through the service, you will be able to participate in this lucrative mining business easily without having to bear setup costs. You also are not required to fulfill the minimum criteria of every masternode and also have the freedom to exit at any point of time.

We have selections like:

  • DASH

  • PIVX

  • SYS (SysCoin)

  • XZC (ZCoin)

  • CHC (ChainCoin)

  • SMART (Smart Cash)