Mobile Phone

AQUA Wallet Services  

We firmly believe in empowering the community to be part of the blockchain space. We put the power of blockchain into every users’ hands by having a wallet application that can be downloaded into all mobile phone devices.

Install and start using AQUA Wallet today. Send & receive cryptocurrencies transactions on an intuitive interface. Monitor and watch price movements right on your mobile device. Invite your friends to use the wallet and communicate with them on our social messenger interface. 

AQUA Wallet Tokenization

Enjoy rewards from our Proof-of-Loyalty (POL) token mechanics simply by using our wallet and perform more transactions. Every single transaction that you perform on the wallet, you are rewarded with AQUA tokens.

This POL mechanics encourages users to perform more send / receive cryptocurrencies transactions and communicate more with your friends and families via our application. This creates more traffic for us and more users for AQUA wallet.

Coming Soon