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Our proprietary system provide clients with 3 of the most effective arbitraging models in:


Commodity market is a market that trades in primary economic sector widely referred to as industrial raw materials.

These includes energy commodities, basic raw material commodities and soft commodities like agricultural products.

AQUA Commodities compare over 30 pairs of commodity trades per second to detect arbitrage opportunities, then automatically executes trade orders to a market center or exchange

Cryptocurrency serves mainly as a borderless digital currency.

This highly volatile market presents unprecedented amount of arbitraging opportunities

AQUA Crypto consists of traditional cross exchange 2-way arbitrages and the more advanced triangular 3-way arbitrage.

Incorporating high speed data analysis and high frequency order management and execution, AQUA Crypto stands at the apex of the industry.

Sports arbitrage refers to the wager with overlapping odds between bookmakers in sporting events to make profits.

With over 300 major leagues and thousands of minor leagues around the world. This presents countless arbitraging opportunities each day.

AQUA Sports scans through the sports bookmakers worldwide, identifies arbitraging opportunities for users, then automatically calculates the fund allocation for bets and the profit margins before finally executing the bets.

With simple understanding and application, you will be well on your way to guaranteed profits every time.


AQUA Sports is monitored, maintained and serviced by an onsite team of both software and hardware engineers. It has an inbuilt strict “wager refusal” process that absolutely no bets would be placed if the module is detected to be faulty to ensure smooth operations.

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